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GSV: Magma Edition

Glossophonic Showcase IV is Sunday, 8pm PST at Hollow Earth Radio (2018 E. Union)

The Glossophonic Showcase is live at Hollow Earth Radio and starts promptly at 8pm (show up a bit early for a good spot!).  If you can’t show up in person, listen live at


INTERRUPTURE is a group of experimental poets that performs text compositions structured as a game. Each piece follows a set of rules that determines who, what, where, when, and how a poet will read their verse as the play of the game unfolds. These rules might encourage silence, polyphony, erasure, repetition, modulation, and so on, making each game a unique event.
 Performing at this event: Curtis Bonney, Daniel Comiskey, Jason Conger, Kreg Hasegawa, Cristin Miller and Doug Nuger.
Rauan Klassnik was born in South Africa, lived most of his life in Dallas, TX and now resides in Kirkland, WA with his wife Edith and their two dogs. Rauan has published two books of poetry through Black Ocean: Holy Land (2008) and The Moon’s Jaw (2013).

Evan J. Peterson is the author of the chapbooks Skin Job (2012 Minor Arcana Press) and The Midnight Channel (2013 Babel/Salvage Press), as well as volume editor of Gay City 5: Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam (Gay City Health Project). His poetry, fiction, journalism, and criticism have appeared in Weird Tales, The Stranger, The Rumpus, Assaracus, Nailed, Court Green, and Aim for the Head: An Anthology of Zombie Poetry, from which his poetry was excerpted in the New York Times. He is the new Editor-in-Chief of Minor Arcana Press and the recipient of a smART Ventures grant from the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.

The Algebra of Need: 10101010110100100101111001010010010001110101001010010101010101 101010100101001010101010000001111000101001110110000110010010010100010110011110101 011011100111100010000111110010101010101001010011110001100000111111010000101001011 010110011100010010111000111010010010110111000101110111110010101001100111001101101

The Naturebot: “Supremely lovable Seattle producer Naturebot (aka Ian Scot Price) normally releases music on his own Pleasure Boat label, but his latest EP, Specialty Shop, comes out on the up-and-coming local imprint Knightriders Recordings….”  -Dave Segal, The Stranger



Surerial Interview Query Presents: Ryan A. Johnson

Ladies and Gentleman,

AtvatabarToday at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time, Babel/Salvage presents the Glossophonic Showcase Volume 3 at Hollow Earth Radio (2018 E. Union St, Seattle, Cascadia).  In addition to wonderful performances by PNW luminaries Ambrosia Bartosek, Donald Dunbar, Arlene Kim, Joe Milutis and Erin Verginia, Babel/Salvage blabbermouth Bryan Edenfield will interview author Ryan A. Johnson about life, death, and the book YOU WILL GET IN TROUBLE.

Do not expect your average radio interview.  Do come and take part in the live experience.  Remember, we have a suggested cover of $3-$5 but don’t let that deter you.  And if you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t live anywhere near that place,” or, “I have to be at work on a Sunday, blech!” do not worry.  You can listen to the whole streaming thing starting at 6PM PST at


The Glossophonic Showcase v3 Readers

The Glossophonic Showcase v3 begins at 6pm (PST) on July 21st.  See it live at Hollow Earth Radio (2018 E Union, Seattle).

Suggested cover is $3-$5.

Listen to it live at (1)

Ambrosia Bartosek has floated through two and a half decades in the decadent and hypnotic Pacific Northwest, delving into a diverse onslaught of drugs, meditation, magick and darkness.  Twice institutionalized and most likely entirely dreaming, her inspiration uprises from the underworldly depths of her belly and pukes. Projects include Stalebirth, 613, Moths, and Kingdom of the Holy Sun. Don’t worry, she promises she won’t

Donald Dunbar lives in Portland, Oregon, and helps run If Not For Kidnap. His book Eyelid Lick won the 2012 Fence Modern Poets Series prize, and his chapbook “Slow Motion German Adjectives” is out from Mammoth Editions.

Arlene Kim grew up on the East Coast and now lives & writes on the West Coast. Her first collection of poems titled “What have you done to our ears to make us hear echoes?” won the 2012 American Book Award. She lives in Seattle where she reads for the poetry journal DMQ Review and writes poems, prose, and bits between.

photo2Joe Milutis is writer, media artist and most recently, the author of Failure, A Writer’s Life. He teaches at the University of Washington, Bothell.  Find out more at

Erin Verginia is a Seattle writer focusing on prose and opinion pieces which offer a slanted critique of the mainstream’s idea of “normal.” Recently, she has been expanding boundaries to include spoken word and short stories. Her work can be found hidden in the courageous jungle of independent magazines. She is curator of apertureSTOP, a monthly blending of art and spoken word at Twilight Artist Collective in West Seattle.  Her secret mission is to find out, once and for all, what poetry is. Follow along at


The Glossophonic Showcase II at Hollow Earth Radio (from 3.24.13)

We retroactively renamed our semi-regular reading series at Hollow Earth Radio.  It is now called the Glossophonic Showcase.  Here is the last one for your listening pleasure.


Stay tuned for another live reading at Hollow Earth on July 21st.  Details forthcoming.

And please, don’t forget to listen to Hollow Earth Radio!





MARCH 24 6-8PM

watch at 2018 E UNION, SEATTLE 98122

or listen HERE

STARRING (in alphabetical order)


…born on planet terra to hue-man parents, he has been writing “poetry” since some one handed him a pencil pen feather microphone brush tongue gun bow and arrow, hitting his targets deaf dumb and blind all have experienced korvus’s gift of the present moment…


Jason Conger is artillery. He lives in a thatched hut which is near Austria. Jason saunters. He is the shoplifter. In his free time, when he’s not addicted to anglicizing geese, he is jumbled. He feels abstemiously about the hard tricycles. He supports the unicycles at FEMA. His favorite type of poetry is of the whale shark style; his least favorite type is of the tapir style. He dreams about squinting at the nimble glasses. When life is neither truthful nor beautiful, Jason – or J-bone – goes hunting in the Horsehead Nebula, an artery quartered beside the system.
Joe Thompson is a mystery.


Bryan Edenfield is the co-founder of Babel/Salvage and the author of Glossolopolis Number One and 33 Opening Paragraphs. He has a dog and is from the desert. His degree is in philosophy and history that comes from Northern Arizona University, so don’t worry.


Sarah Galvin is the author of The Stranger’s Midnight Haiku series, which are neither haiku nor at midnight. She has a blog called The Pedestretarian, where she reviews food found on the street. The thing she loves most about reviewing discarded food is receiving text messages that say things like “I hear the bus stop on 3rd and Union is covered with ham.” Sarah is a poetry MFA student at University of Washington, and her poems can be found in Hoarse, Proximity, Pageboy, Dark Sky, and Ooligan press’s Pacific Poetry Project, set to be released in March 2013.


Ryan A. Johnson graduated from Western Washington University in 2009.  He now works for a large aerospace company but this has nothing to do with college.  Expect his new book, “You Will Get In Trouble” to be released by Babel/Salvage in the coming months.  He apologizes in advance, not for the book, but for everything else.



“Morris Stegosaurus (aka Keith Morris Kurzman) is a difficult artist to categorize, and yet he is undeniably entertaining and provocative. His performance is highly charismatic in the full slam poetry tradition. But the through-lines of his poems often relate symbolic and surreal situations as dialogues with personified objects, without regard for whether those objects are concrete or abstract. Where slam poets are often literal, didactic, or operating in an absence of irony, Stegosaurus may be whimsical, sarcastic, or idiosyncratic. So yes, there is meaning in his stage name, as a banner for the oblique language he brings to the stage. Often it’s better to not attempt to interpret Stegosaurus’ performances but simply let them happen to you; they may be more about the phenomena of language and performance than about the subjects in their titles.” –Kurt Heintz


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